Seringan | Meringan - [Dried Leaves, 100g]
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Plant: Seringan

Scientific name: Flemingia strobilifera 

Products : Seringan Dried Leaves RM15.00 per 100g

Seringan is a common herbal leaves included for spa bath among Malay especially during confinement.

Bathing with decoction of the leaves, together with the flowers is believed to help 'expel wind' from the body. However, this 'Seringan Herbal Bath' does not limited only for the lady during her postnatal care. In fact, anybody can try it out as a common herbal or spa bath as it helps to release fatigue.

Then , one of the most popular traditional use of Seringan is by slowly beat the leafy twigs on a toddler's legs. Especially to those who shows slow progress to start walking (of course after trying out the walk training). As a Muslim, we just try it as 'ikhtiar' according to our Malay traditional practices. Why not? Because it is not harmful at all. :). Even some parents just start to try it when their child still crawling.

Our grandma believed the effect is closely relate to its name 'Seringan' . Haha. So, we have this leaves in fresh or dried.

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