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Limau Mata Kerbau - [Fresh Fruit}
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Limau Mata Kerbau freshly harvest from our place at Seri Subuh Agrofarm.

Depends on stock.

Prices depend on the lime sizes and maturity. You can get around 15-20 seeds from the matured Limau Mata Kerbau Sow them to get the plant. It can be easily grown from the seeds.

No juice from the small unripe lime.

Limau Mata Kerbau are commonly used for Lime Bath. It doesn't seem ok to eat it or drink the juice because it may be too acidic. The juice tasted so sour even you only try a drop of it. However, due to the thick rind, local peoples use the peel for dishwashing. The peel act as a span with natural refreshing fragrance from the lime itself.